SPA hôtel Le Battant des Lames Saint-Pierre  île de la Réunion
Spa hôtel Le Battant des Lames, hôtel 3 étoiles à Saint-Pierre île de la Réunion
Spa hôtel Le Battant des Lames île de la Réunion
Jacuzzi Hôtel Le Battant des Lames
Spa hôtel le Battant des Lames à Saint-Pierre île de la Réunion

Wellness center Saint-Pierre - Hotel Le Battant des Lames in Reunion Island

Perle d'Ambre, wellness center hotel Le Battant des Lames, 3 stars in Saint-Pierre Reunion Island


shower gel hotel Le Battant des Lames, 3 stars hotel in Reunion Island

Our Wellness center is an time out of reality, an heaven of peace dedicated to relaxation of your body and your mind. It's propose to you several modelling and facial or body care.

This haven of peace of 130m² consists of :

  • 1 sensory shower
  • 1 hammam
  • 1 jacuzzi
  • 2 single multipurpose cabins
  • 1 double cabin

Discover the Reunion's wealth and generosity through vanilla, sugar or salt cares, all from the Reunion crafts.

The cares are not massages but modellings, the cares are neither medical nor paramedical treatments.
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 06:30 pm
Sunday from 09:00 am to 04:30 pm


Senteur Peî 75€

  • A relaxing modelling providing you a real moment of unwind. Unblocking your Knots, your muscles and joint pressure is lowered.
  • 60 min

Piton des Neiges 80€

  • Scented Candles modelling combining olfactory senses and touched with softness and firm pressure. A real confort and deep relaxation.
  • 60 min

Piton de la Fournaise 85€

  • This is an hot stones modelling combining the effect of the hot stones, herbal essantial oils and firme pressure on the muscles an knots providing you a deep feeling of wellbeing and fullness.
  • 60 min

Piton Takamka90€

  • This modelling is refreshing and energetic. simultaneously soft and strong, tonic and dynamic. It's improves blood pressure and neurolnal system and strengthening muscles.
  • 60 min


Flexibility and Lightness legs and feet40€

  • This is a relaxing modelling where lymph drainage lightness release your feeling of tireness and restore your flexibility 

    and tonicity.

  • 30 min

Serenity back neck and head40€

  • This modelling propose bit by bit , tensions in the head neck and back are relieved. it's reduce the tension and the muscles pain.
  • 30 min

Feet Reflexology45€

  • Reflexology involves the application of pressure to certain specific areas of the feet and result in the relaxation of the fibres which affect 

    the nerves that begin at the point pressed.

  • 30 min



  • Beauty makeover invigerating scrub to delight the senses.
  • 40 min

Semi-permanent facility (hand /feet)45€

  • hand or feet


SPA access

  • Hammam or jacuzzi
  • 1 personn : 29€
  • 2 personn : 58€

Aqua scrubbing

  • 30 min hammam
  • 30 min peeling and wrapping
  • 10 min skin hydratation with herbal essential oil
  • 1 person : 85€
  • 2 persons : 140€

Relaxing gourmet break

  • 45 min of modelling
  • breakfast
  • 1 person : 95€
  • 2 persons : 160€

Zen moment

  • 45 min of modelling
  • breakfast
  • 30 min hammam, jacuzzi
  • glass of champagne or fresh fruits coktail
  • 1 person : 120€
  • 2 persons : 200€

Moment of complicity140€

  • children accompanied 8-16 years old
  • 45 min of duo modelling

Please note that is possible to ask a personalize gift certificate is available for 3month.

For all other events ( Spa privatisation of spa, personnalize Bachelorette party etc)... Please do not Hesitate to come back to our Perle D'ambre Team. it will be a pleasure for them to advise you and answer to your expectation.

Our treatments are praticed everyday by appointement. A brief mandatroy is available in the cabins between 10am and 6:30 pm